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Be a part of the worldwide SMILE COMMUNITY!

You can make the world better, too!

Your smile is a special one, unique and can’t be absent! And if you do it and I do it and your best friend does it and my mom and the boyfriend of your sister..., then we will become a great community! Showing that we are all human beings who just want to be loved and respected, who want to stay together in peace. Be a part of it! A big hug to you all over the world! :-)

Your smile counts twice!!

To take part in has a dual advantage: Every person who gets part of it is supporting a good purpose at the same time. Friends of the news portal honour a smile with 50 Cent. The donation benefits directly "Sambhava"! Katrin Kausch from Germany and Mona la Barbera from France have been in Nepal when devastating earthquakes haunted the small state at the Himalayas in April 2015. Both young women survived and wanted just one thing to do: helping on the spot! So they founded the society "Sambhava", in the meantime recognized as a non-profit organization, to give children and women a new perspective of life.

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Your story

Ioana, 19.03.2018

It is not too expensive to make other people happy. For a little time or longer, when we want, we cann change a life.

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Joaquín und Béatrice, 06.02.2018

Glück wird mehr wenn man es teilt

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Alexander, 11.01.2018

Hallo miteinander,
guckt mal, welchen Spruch ich gefunden habe:
"A smile is the nicest way to show others your teeth."

Passt doch wunderbar zu "smile for a better world“!
herzlichen Gruß, Alex

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about us is online since January 15th. With the motto "You can also see the world differently!" the news portal is making constructive, encouraging, entertaining und helpful contributions, reportings, interviews, tips and recommendations for a better life.

On the occasion of the one-year birthday "" comes up with something special: The campaign wants to look at the human being, to show faces and to remind of: Every human being ist worth the same – independently of where and how it lives; regardless of gender, age, religion or from the origin. Over two hundred people from Argentina, Armenia, China, Denmark, Germany, Hawaii, Israel, Japan, Canada, Kenia, Mexico, Peru, the Philippines, Polynesia, Switzerland, Spain, the USA and Venezuela made already the start. intends not only to bring the most different people closer but also doing good things at the same time: For every face friends of the news portal goodnews-for- donate 50 Cent. The money collected goes to the aid organization "Sambhava" which was founded by Katrin Kausch und Mona la Barbera after the terrible earthquake in Nepal 2015 for the benefit of children and women. If you would also like to support the aid organization Sambhava with your donation, please let us know. Our goal is to become a big community with a big smile!

We would be happy if you are a part of it!


They realized the campaign "smile for a better world"

Philipp Brendel
Kristin Frauenhoffer
Tom Harmsen
Peter Herrmann
Birgit Hilt
Isolde Hilt
Daniel Klare
Jonas Klare
Silvia Knüpfer
Ameng Lu
Isabel Maier-Harth
Dennis O'Neill
Alexander Nuißl
Florian Roithmeier
Bernhard Schindlbeck
Franz Schindlbeck
Johannes Schindlbeck
Thomas von Seckendorff

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Thank you for your support:

Beatrix Baumann
Christine Deger
Ulrich Koch
Ulrich Lenz
Thomas Schätz
Sigrid Schulz
Gisela Wendling Lenz
Herbert Zimmermann

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